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Our mission: We love, support and teach widows, orphans and those with physical and mental disabilities a
way of positivity and hope in rural Tanzania Africa.

MBG provides resources to supply basic necessities, educational assistance to individuals and
families and we also provide teaching of sustainability through simple programs while being
Jesus hands and feet through our actions of love to those we help.

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Our support for widows, orphans and disabled individuals is a big task –
however your love and contributions can help them obtain daily nutrition,
educational assistance and above all, projects that will help them carry their
lives forward into the future.

We take our work seriously and know that each donation comes with a desire to
see results. Our directors in Tanzania are sure to show us through pictures and
videos the best way to utilize and help individuals. We serve widows as they are
typically left with zero resources after their husbands pass away. They have no
systems in place to “cover them” after death and life insurance is unknown to
them. Their children often become orphans as mothers cannot care for them
with their needs and may send them for others to help.

We are partnered with the Pope John Paul II rehab and disability center in Monduli Tanzania Africa. This center provides for children who are ridden with physical and mental disabilities. It is a loving warm environment with caring leadership. We are helping this center with daily sustainability (brick oven project) and playground equipment for the children who otherwise would not have a way to experience what other children do that do not have disabilities. We utilize each donation for the individual we serve and do our best to provide you, the donor with photo’s and videos which you will find on our social media outlets and right here in our gallery!


The Jesus Film Project – showing this movie to remote communities to learn about a living and breathing God is true sustainability for all ages.

The “Jiko” or Oven Project –  This project is being implemented (Dec 2023) for a group of widows that will begin baking bread and other items for their village and eventually community.  They will learn how to create a sustainable life for themselves and then teach others how to do the same!

Sponsorship for Widows / Children in Need – Basic necessities provided:  Food, water and hygiene to those that have suffered and are in the most need.

We pray and give all thanks to God who placed our hearts together. 

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

We are a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization registered in the state of Wisconsin.

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