About MBG

Mission Barista Global (MBG) is a 501(c)3 non profit organization registered in the state of Wisconsin. Our Tax ID number is: 86-3763337.  Founder Pamela Wendtland is continuing her work to serve the voiceless in Tanzania Africa.  For over 14 years, she has traveled to this country.  It was a small nudge back in 2009 that led her to form her first non profit organization in 2010. This gave her tremendous skills and knowledge to be led to where MBG begins today.  From the moment she stepped foot on the continent of Africa her heart knew she would help the widows and children.  She also knew that it wasn’t a simple hand out that would help.  It was the ability to teach them skills and give them knowledge on living a fulfilling life.  MBG has begun in a region of Tanzania called Monduli.  This is a remote region which consists of the Maasai population.  Thousands of children are left to fend for themselves or have families with very few resources.   MBG is also rescuing “trafficked” young girls who do not want to be forced into marriage for the wrong reasons.  This is a huge issue that needs attention and help.   Her passion and love has brought many to assist her in helping with basic necessities such as food, water and clothing due to  (lack of jobs and income)  the implemented Vicoba project to learn about money as a community.  The most recent work for true sustainability is the “Jesus film project” which will allow the most remote communities to learn about the life of Jesus and what that means for them each day.  We have a film projector and screen which will help in showing this film. 

We keep our hearts and minds open to where we are led next.  There are so many in this world who simply need a kind “Barista” to sit along side of them to bring them hope.  God has a plan – and we are willing and open to listen to his call.

 Our current work is far away from us but a simple “yes” can be carried very far and wide and that means all of us can help even in the smallest of ways!  We all serve in one way or another just like our coffee shop “Barista’s” do! 

We are a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization registered in the state of Wisconsin.

Mission Barista Global

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