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We work to supply sustainable ways of living. Our work can only be achieved through you and your open heart to help.  We acknowledge that there are so many needs in our great big world and pray for everyone to receive help!  Our mission is far away, but we are truly making a difference by helping people and changing lives.


Hunger is the biggest need among the remote villages. The Jiko project came out of a wonderful dinner with friends here in the USA who shared Pizza with us one night in their own earthen oven. The materials used are mainly from the earth and the supplies for bread are simple.  We have decided that each of our smaller widow communities could benefit with one of these life saving ovens. A simple supply of peanut butter and bread can fill an empty belly and we can begin to make their hunger go away. Eventually we will teach them to become more defined “bakers” and maybe even build a business out of this oven. Keep following our Facebook page for updates


A widow is common in Monduli Tanzania Africa however without life skills and education they suffer greatly when a husband passes away.  Since a man can marry multiple women they walk away after a death with nothing – the farm and all assets are left to the husbands family and not the wives. We have identified various women who are suffering to eat and take care of basic needs. Sponsorship each month helps them with food, hygiene, basic needs and love from our sponsors. Each  month our sponsors receive a picture update showing their widow received their gift along with a receipt. This keeps us close and in prayer with one another and those prayers are going a long way.


A simple gift of vegetables or fruit trees can help the widows and their families with hunger and sustainability for the long run.  These gifs are treasured by all who receive them and they appreciate your love.

We are a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization registered in the state of Wisconsin.

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